Friday, May 23, 2014

A further study into the use of the PIC32MX250F128B, with side projects using the AT91SAM3X8E (Arduino Due) and the Intel Galileo

Download PDF from:


  1. Please can you explain in detail the advantages of FULL BRIDGE over CENTER TAPPED inverters apart from extra coil cost. Lets assume a transformer is wound with 12SWG 25 turns at the primary for FULL BRIDGE, and the same size of transformer is used to wind 25-0-25 CENTER TAPPED with also 12SWG, what will be the difference if all other parts of the inverter is built with equal material.

  2. sir can you teach me how to program this table using pic16f84a let's say that A is an input and ,while B and C is an output,,

    when A =0 , B=0 C=0 ,
    when A =1 B =1 but C stay =0 ,
    then A=0 B go back to = 0 ,C as well still =0
    when A =1 B=0 C=1
    then A=0 B still = 0 ,C =0

    the program repeat the process ,thank for your help

  3. Where's the code for the PIC

    1. I didn't put the code up on my blog since it wasn't well documented. However, I'm using those as the base for the further projects I'm doing on the PIC32 and I'm putting those up on my blog with documentation.

      If there's a specific section that you would like to see, let me know and I'll document that better and put it up.