Wednesday, September 25, 2013

200000 views, Ithaca, ARM and DMIPS

My blog has now just crossed 200,000 views! I am extremely happy that it’s gotten this many views and that I’ve been able to reach out to so many people from all across the world. I love writing tutorials and articles about microcontrollers, power electronics, SMPS and everything electronics! I love it even more when my writing reaches out to people from all over the world to help them learn something new or to find the solution to some problem! So, I say thank you to all my readers and followers and hope that I have been able to help you and that I can continue helping you!

If you have any topic in mind that you want me to write about, please mention that in the comments. While I cannot promise you that I will write up on it, I will certainly try.

University has started (if you’re wondering why the title says Ithaca, that’s because Cornell University is located in Ithaca, New York, USA) and it’s been a month. The work load is quite high, so I may take quite a while to write some new article or tutorial or even to answer to your comments. So, please be patient.

On that note, I’m doing an independent study under the supervision of Professor Bruce Land here at Cornell University. My project is to explore the different peripherals on the two microcontrollers: AT91SAM3X8E (ARM Cortex M3) and the PIC32MX250F128B (DMIPS), write up documentation on the different peripherals and then compare and contrast the two microcontrollers in terms of peripheral functionality, ease of learning, ease of programming and ease of use.

So, in the coming days, I will post quite a lot of articles or tutorials based on these two microcontrollers and their peripherals.

If you’re interested, here are the links to the datasheets of the two microcontrollers:

For now, this is it. Again, if you want me to write up on any topic, please mention that in the comments section. If you have any ideas, suggestions or feedback for my blog, please let me know in your comments! Till then, enjoy the blog and I hope it helps you in your projects and learning endeavors.