Friday, December 16, 2016

PIC32 JTAG Loader / ICSP programmer

This past semester, I worked on an independent study/project where I explored the programming of the PIC32. I've provided the details in the following PDF document. The key takeaway I believe is:

"This document presents sufficient background information on the project, and implementation specific details. The most important contribution this makes is adding the experiences and a full implementation of the project. For even more detail and a thorough understanding, it is recommended that this report be read along with the reference documents mentioned in Section 4.1."

I plan on improving this, as well as exploring the option of programming other PICs this summer. A cursory look made me think that the PIC32 programming standard was more complicated than the PIC16's. I'll find out!

All the project code and settings can be found here. This includes the PIC32 project, as well as the MATLAB code for the programmer software
Please let me know if you have any comments or feedback!


  1. Hi Tahmid, I need some clarification on a circuit would like to discuss with you, may I know how to reach you over mail or any other means please. my email id is

  2. Dear Tahmid
    I was a passionate follower of your blog and you too, I know your very busy will you suggest some books on SMPS, assembly programming and Digital logic circuits what you studied.
    It would be helpful for me one more suggestion will you post some tutorial on assembly programming if possible


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